Whole Time (Freestyle) – Big Sean


Woah, woah, yeah, aye
I think where I lack most as an artist is consistency
I just haven’t had the energy to compete with enemies
Or y’all so-called bigger three, huh
But every verse I lay, fans love to say, “Man, niggas is sleep”
But two hundred million records up though it isn’t a dream
Even if you was my son you couldn’t belittle me
My life got more layers than a secret identity
And I’m all money in like Nip and J. Stone whippin’ the Brinks
And I get to snappin’ on ’em but never was the weakest link
I might’ve been a sneaky link
She know if she get a shot with me
The bitch gon’ get a buzz and I don’t mean a drink
B.I.G but somehow I need to shrink, look
I hate when people tell me that it’s never that serious
You ain’t have to shoot your first album cover at Sears
I used to be held back and hide behind fear
But F.E.A.R is just False Evidence Appearing Real
I ain’t smoking on no exes, I ain’t unsending no texts
And you know I’m coming back to back to back
Number ones consecutive
You too in to keepin’ ’em guessing
I ain’t even flinch when I heard your best shit
Living a dream inside of a dream
I feel like I’m Leo inside of Inception
Sean, how long you knew you was finna win?
How long you been plottin’ on M’s?
Since before the TV show
You was in the office and cutting off friends
Since the POW chain setting trends, hold up
How long you been plottin’ on a B?
Since before you had a song with Jay?
Since before you knew Jhené?
Back when you was a fly on the wall
And dropped out of school to help Ye finish up Graduation?
Back when you hit your first celebrity crush and realized
There’s badder girls back at home waiting, they just ain’t as famous
Back when it was Finally Famous you performed at Plan B
Sold every ticket yourself and niggas was still hatin’?
Before you recorded at the same studio as J Dilla
But was scrapping up change and could only afford thirty minutes
So before the session your raps was already finished
Before you even started and you was recording out of Earl and A-Tone’s basement
In hindsight, you really was an underground artist
Before you ever made a dollar off of rap
But it was your full time job though regardless
‘Cause you know the easiest time to give up is when it’s the hardest
Right now I’m talking to the old Sean
Shit, how long you knew was your mind was a goldmine?
Before you got signed?
Shit, both times?
How long you knew it be like this?
Nigga, the whole time
Yeah, the whole fucking time, bitch

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