The Multiverse Freestyle Lyrics – Bryson Tiller

Aight, I’m ready man
I ain’t think I was gonna memorize this shit
But I gotta memorize
Let’s go
Yeah, yeah

Okay it’s lookin’ like the youngest catchin’ up to you
No diamond reckers when I’m coming brack it up to you
But I got platinum acting like that ain’t enough for you
I have disgust for you, nah i got love for you
See I’m amazed with all the diss that I been feelin’ here lately
Flow’s crazy like Ye, I mean crazy like Ye
BCA, please don’t hate me, in fact Ye praise me
That don’t intimidate me so all these rap lames hate me
Kinda remind me you was making tracks to Jay-Z
From tell me you get slapped in the face
When n- hatin’ on your raps
Way back in the day, you had to rap to put them n- back in they place
You still want grace, show me grace
I see you jackin’ with Drake
But see I’m casually great
That shit be wrackin’ their brains
Tryna remember what it felt like to be in their primes
And how I make it feel wet when they see me in minds
So they say someone souls better like my name ain’t Truthfully man, I know I’m better
‘Cause the game ain’t changed for 7 years and countin’
They don’t know how to work
This to the game now Poof, do my thang now it’s perfect

I’m facing their urges
I’m thinkin’ of verges
Then flame these n- , now I’m layin this worship

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