Gang Wale Munde Lyrics | Rap Song by Paradox

Gang Wale Munde is hindi rap song by popular rapper Paradox published on KaanPhod Music. Find the proper lyrics of Gang Wale Munde Hindi rap song.

Gang Wale Munde is the new rap song sung by Paradox on a rap song competition show Hustle 2.0.

Gang Wale Munde Song Details:

SongGang Wale Munde
AlbumKaanPhod Music
Music / ComposerParadox
LabelKaanPhod Music
Artist / CastParadox
Language Hindi
Songs GenreRap Song, Hip Pop Music, Indian Rap Song, Pop Song
Released DateSep 17,2022
Gang Wale Munde Song Details

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Gang Wale Munde Song Lyrics

Start of the Lyrics

Oh Hood Aale Saare Mere Naal Aale Bhai-bhai
Karde Ne Mainu Jede Jaande Ne Saare
Main Kamm Layi Hawa Nahi Banaayi
Tezz Reha Ethe Haanph De Ne Saare X2
Halla Ho Gaya Ve Ohna Da Muqabla Ni Jeda Aita
Saare Mere Gang Aale Munde

Aita Gang Aale Munde X2
Hood Aale Mundeya Da Gang Scene
Aita Gang Aale Munde

Banger Hain Kaun
Bang Kare Kaun
Hanger Hain Kaun
Hang Kare Kaun
Hang Kare Zone
Gaadi Katte Wrong
Zone Batte Zone
Bomb Phate Bomb
Bomb Phate Bomb
Don Bane Kaun
Bomb Phate Bomb Phate

Bomb Phate Verse Aatankwaadi
Sau Mare Bas Maatam Jaari
Draw Kare Sab Kalam Bhaari
Na Darre Syaahi Ahankaari Bro


Back To Fight Back To Mic
Khainchu Tight Khainchu High
Keh Doon Bhai Left To Right Wack Tu Bhai
Kehta Jo Karta Nahi Vo
Kharcha Nahi Ho Toh
Dikhta Nahi Bro
Aisa Sunu Main Toh Roz
Jaari Hai Khoj
Chup Kaise Yeh Ho
Main Toh Doon Gala Bhi Ghot

Waah Bete
Karaa Di Mauj Karaa Di Karaa Di Mauj
Karaa Di Mauj
Aapa Nahi Kisi Di Sunde
Aita Saadi Gang-gang Aalee

Aita Gang Aale Munde X2
Hood Aale Mundeya Da Gang Scene
Aita Gang Aale Munde

End The Lyrics

Gang Wale Munde Song Official Video

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This is the lyrics for the latest rap song Gang Wale Munde from the Paradox. Indian rapper Paradox performed the new rap Gang Wale Munde on Hustle 2.0.

Comment below if you have any suggestions regarding the lyrics your comments are appreciable as it helps us to provide more content in the future.

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