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Orlando Rodríguez Matienzo, better known as “Orly”
Born and raised in a middle class, Catholic family
His old man wanted him to be a doctor, his old woman allowed him to do so secretly from his old man.
And at some point in history he decided that he wanted to be a drug dealer, bichote
His parents did not agree, but it was his son’s
He rings the phone and Only asks his old lady to put the old man on the phone.
(Dude, it’s me, I’m calling you because things got ugly down here
And I need, if something happens to me, to take care of the children and for them to know that I love them.
That, if I had listened to you, I know that everything would be different)
Your whole life passes through your eyes like a flashback
You grab the rifle, you mount the drum comb
You put the Glock on your waistband under your shirt and cross yourself. When you go out, it’s already night and the hamlet looks like the mouth of a wolf.

I’m going now
If something happens to me (The war has already exploded)
Take care of my children (I’m going out into the street)
Because of a misunderstanding they blew up my friend (You know what if something happens to me)
Twenty-five enemies (You know what to do, baby) head on and alone
The war exploded, if something happens to me, take care of my children
The war exploded, take care of my children (The war exploded; because there is no turning back)

Yesterday they saw me (Wuh!), they didn’t give me (Ah), they were confused, they died (Ah)
There was a man’s word and they broke it
They want fire, tell my family that I love them (Ah, ah, ah, ah)
But I’m going out into the street and two of them have already fallen (Turn on!)
My mother told me: “Take care of yourself, mijo” (Hard, hard)
That’s why I’m always ready with the crucifix
Thinking about my old man, thinking about my children (Lord, help me)
God, help me to be able to decipher the riddle
From this dead end street (Ah), history repeated (Ah)
They give you a hundred years in prison and yours are forgotten
I’m not going to leave (W), even if I want to change (Yeah)
This war is over when I stop breathing, bam!

Orlando, when you stop breathing it will be too late (Nah)
The accounts of a lost life, there is no death to settle it (No)
Your parents have lost me to keep you
Don’t let pride and revenge turn you into a coward
Do you want me to decipher the riddle for you? (Yah)
I am the way and the truth, I am the one who takes care of your children
I am not going to accompany you on your suicide mission
Today you want your death, I came to give life
There are rumors of war and funeral
But it’s a spiritual war
A fight between life and death
Today life came to help you
You will go with your ran-can-can
They will come for you, prrum-prrum
More blood spilled by the blam-blam-blam
Another heart stopped making tucun-tucun
Death has come to shake you
But think about the pain of your children when they can’t hug you
My son, I never stopped loving you
I have left the 99 to look for you

Today is your party and tomorrow could be your funeral
Because he who has iron kills, dies by iron
Son, if you knew the life I offer you, you would not throw yourself into the arms of death
I know that you have heard my voice in your conscience
Yes, it is me, the path, the truth and the life
Let me enter your heart
Let me help you make the right decisions
You said
(May he who is afraid of dying not be born)
But today I tell you that before you were formed in your mother’s womb I already chose you
And it wasn’t for you to die this way
(Choose life, life!)

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