Aww Lyrics | Hindi Song By Abhinav Shekhar


Aww is the new hindi party song by Abhinav Shekhar published on BLive Music. Find the proper lyrics of Aww Hindi Song.

Aww is the latest party song sung by Abhinav Shekhar and the music was given by Vikram Montrose, and the lyrics were written by Abhinav Shekhar. The music video was cast by Alex, Martin, Knek, Zyan, Macqueen, Liubov, Dmitri.

Aww Song Details:

AlbumBLive Music
SingerAbhinav Shekhar
LyricsAbhinav Shekhar
MusicVikram Montrose
LabelBLive Music
Artist / CastAlex, Martin, Knek, Zyan, Macqueen, Liubov, Dmitri
Language Hindi
Songs GenrePop Music, Rock Song, Party Song
Released DateDec 7, 2022

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Aww Hindi Song Lyrics

Start of the Lyrics

Tere Sandle Ke Upar, Tere Pant Ke Neeche
Tune Baandha Hai Jo Kaala Dhaaga,
Dhyan Mera Kheenche
Ab Nazar To Lag Gayi, Aankh Palat Gayi
Tattoo Deri Dhak Gayi

Tune Taang Pe Karayi,
Teri Kamar Kalai
Pe Jo Chali Hai Siyahi
Mujhe Kara Bada High
But Why Baby Why Why Why ?
Tere Saare Tattoo
Pata Na Kyu Kare Mujhe High
Kare Mujhe High .
Aww !
Kare Mujhe High .
Aww !

Listen To Me Mamasita
I’m Your Alhpha You’re My Beta
Show Me What You Gonna Do
O Baby Girl ! Oye Senorita !
Bend Over And Shake Your Booty
Twerk It, Twerk It, Twerk It, Twerk It,
Move It Like A Jaggerbomb And
Trip It Like A Margherita

Tera Hangover Bhi Lagta Hai Sober
Ex Wala Tattoo Hata, It’s Over !
Alright Baby
Let Me Get You Crazy, Go Boom! Boom!
Sun Ke Mere Gaane, Aaja Baahon Me Tu Jhoom Jhoom
Height Pe Chalenge, Night Ride Pe Chalenge
Car Me, Nahi To Phir Bike Pe Hi
Dhoom! Dhoom!

Secrets To Share Kar, Na Hona Ab Shy
Secrets Rakhega, AB, Never Gonna Lie
Regret Na Karna Cause I’m Gonna Satisfy
Tere Saare Tattoo Pata Na Kyu Kare Mujhe High
Kare Mujhe High.
Aww !
Kare Mujhe High.
Aww !

Tu Bole To Weekend Ka Plan Banau,
Manchester United Ka Match Dikhau
Phir Chalenge, Karenge Sky Dive Aur Scuba
Scuba! Scuba! Scuba!
Phir Chalenge, Karenge Sky Dive Aur Scuba
Mera Dil Titanic Jo Teri Aankhon Me Dooba
Sab Chod Ke Aaja Ban Meri Mehbooba
Tere Naam Ka Bana Du Main, Aathva Ajooba

Saare Apne Claims, Main Karunga Justify
Tera Insta Ka Handle Bhi Kar Du Verify
Khushiyan Jo Dunga You’ll Never Have To Buy
Tere Saare Tattoo Pata Na Kyu Kare Mujhe High
Kare Mujhe High
Aww !

Aww !
Kare Mujhe High.
Kare Mujhe High.
Aww !

End The Lyrics

Aww Song Official Video

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This is the lyrics for the latest hindi party song Aww by Abhinav Shekhar.

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